Quitting without a new job

Should I quit my job without having another job? It is a question that many are thinking about when the job situation is disheartening. To put to work in a workplace that you do not really suit you can have an adverse effect on your self-esteem, confidence and desire to try and develop your career.

Dare to speak up and seek new job if:
1. Your job prevents you to go on interviews.
2. Your job prevents you to develop your knowledge that will be important for your next job.
3. Your boss will give you a negative certificate, he / she will find that you are looking for a new job without telling me that you are unhappy with your job.
4. The labor market is showing positive forecast for the new job. Contact us for more info.
5. You tried to bring forward proposals for improvement without success.
6. You are open to test other jobs in your profession to reduce the risk of being unemployed.

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