Find jobs with a professional profile on LinkedIn

Why is it important to have an updated LinkedIn profile?
Today there next 2 million Swedes LinkedIn and the network became a dominant tool for recruiters, employers and recruitment agencies when looking for new employees. Having a profile on LinkedIn can be an advantage, especially if one keeps the profile date with their skills, education and work experience. LinkedIn allows recruiters with a Premium Account to check your profile and contact previous employers to get more information about you. It is therefore recommended to preserve your profile that it was your business card.

This guide will help you create professional-looking profile and get better visibility on LinkedIn.
– Background image – important first impression. This image will be associated with you when someone should try to remember you and therefore positive image can create good memory of you.
– Profile Photo – selects again a picture that gives a good impression, showing your face clearly. The background is less important. A rule of thumb is to use a picture where you can see as their preferred partner.
– Background – here you can write personally about your character. Keep text short because intros should work as a teaser to read further. Tip: attach a presentation or a link to a media that you created.
– Experience – in this part, follow the simple rule: where you worked, what you did and what you achieved, for example, Ikea – marketing manager, responsible for marketing, campaigning in EMEA for 50mil € / year.
– Projects – have you done anything outside your job that can show your skills?
– Competencies – this is perhaps the most important part of your profile. Competencies helps recruiters go through the candidates’ profiles and find them that fill the desired skills. Do not write everything you think you are good, but only skills you can prove through work that is in your profile.
– Language – write only the languages ​​that you can communicate migrating and can work with. Do not assume that recruiters should know that you can be English or Norwegian, put it in your profile.
– Education – will contain Institute and the important lessons that helped your career.

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